How Should I Prepare?

First of all DON'T PANIC...

It can seem overwhelming...

Lets break it down into manageable tasks...

Download Emergency Preparedness Plan


Let's keep this simple...


Start with an extra weeks worth of food... water... medicines... comms...

  • Food - buys stuff you like to eat... if you buy the long term storage food try it before you buy a year's worth... can food will last without refrigeration... dry foods will last as well... frozen pizza may be a bad idea if the power goes out for an extended period.
  • Water - Do you have a well? Can you pump water without electricity... if you are on city water do you know where you can get water that is potable (clean and healthy enough to drink)?
  • Medical - Do you have to take medicine to keep going? Can you treat an accident such as cut or sprain... or broken bone...
  • Communications - If the phones... cell phones and land lines don't work can you talk to your neighbors without having to walk over and knock on their door... or yell over the fence.

Once you have a week's worth of food... and know how to get water... secured you medicine and medical supplies... expand your stores to two weeks...

Next expand your stores to a month's worth

Next expand your stores to two (2) month's worth

Expand your stores to whatever level you want to... We suggest six (6) months as a minimum...

It's important not to get overwhelmed...


Water is an essential daily need...

You can survive only three days without water, three weeks without food.

How much do you need... plan for one gallon of water for each person per day... this is drinking water. Water needed for hygiene and dishwashing is an addition.

Bottle water is good for the short term... if you have a well how do you get water if there is no electricity?

Can you drink surface water - river / creek / lake / pond /swimming pool - water... yes but not directly if want to escape the dangers of parasites and bacteria which result in Montezuma's Revenge and an inevitable miserable death.

For surface water you will need to filter the water along with boiling water for at least 15 seconds at a rolling boil.

IMPORTANT TIP: DO NOT mix up your dirty water containers with your clean water containers... when you are using a questionable water source.


coming soon...


coming soon...


coming soon...


Watch the AmRRON Channel 3 video
Here is the link to the AmRRON website for more information:

Channel 3 Project

– CB 3 26.985 MHz
– FRS/GMRS 3 462.6125 Mhz
– MURS 3 151.940 Mhz

Do NOT use sub-channels (or “privacy” codes)

Listen In 1 - 2 - 3M

  • 3 (Turn your radio on and set it to Channel 3)
  • 2 (Listen for broadcast for approximately 2 minutes before the hour to 2 minutes after the hour)
  • 1 (Attempt again every 1 HOUR, on the hour, to save batteries)

Make Contact In 3 – 2 – 1

  • 3 (Turn your radio on and set it to Channel 3)
  • 2 (Attempt to broadcast for approximately 2 minutes)
  • 1 (Attempt again every 1 HOUR, on the hour, to save batteries)

Read the PDF of the AmRRON tiers of coomunications.
AmRRON - easy tiers presentation.pdf


20M Voice 14.338 USB
40M Voice 7.238 LSB
80M Voice 3.818 LSB

Digital - Contestia 4/250
20M Digital 14.110 USB
40M Digital 7.110 USB
80M Digital 3.588 USB

Here is link to AmRRON National Scheduled Nets

If your want to listen to the AmRRON voice frequencies without the expense of a Amateur/HAM HF Radio you can use a Shortwave radio that supports Single Sideband.

NOTE: USB = Upper Sideband - LSB = Lower Sideband


First Aid Kit Guide 2.pdf
First Aid Kit Guide 2.pdf

Family Communications 2.pdf
Family Communications 2.pdf

Emergency Prepardeness Plan 2.pdf
Emergency Prepardeness Plan 2.pdf

Emergency Kit List 2.pdf
Emergency Kit List 2.pdf

The Stockpile Café.pdf
The Stockpile Café.pdf


Disasters Don't Wait 2

Power Outage 1


The purpose of this site and our group is ensure as many people as possible are ready for an unforeseen or foreseen event that may disrupt our normal way of living...

Events can be a natural disaster such as an earthquake... tornado... hurricane... forest fire... or any other unforeseen event... which can disrupt our normal way of life.

Ask yourself if I loose my ability to go to the store and buy my normal groceries... home supplies... medicines... am I ready to weather that kind of a hiccup...?